About us

The Burnie Brae Centre offers a wide range of social, health, educational and recreational activities. As an exciting extension to our vision, mission and values we are proud to offer a professional, dedicated, trusted and personal Travel agency, Burnie Brae Travel Connections.

Travel Connections provides a service dedicated to helping travellers navigate the wide variety of travel options available, to arrive at the option  best suited to each individual’s personal interests and needs. We offer all types of travel, domestically and internationally, and arrangements can be tailor made to suit all vacation and business objectives. Our team is skilled and experienced in designing your dream holiday with up to date advice on a wide range of travel services from independent, group, solo, family, adventure, honeymoons, cruise, hotel, car hire, air tickets, travel insurance, holiday money, visa applications, coach tours and packages.

As a proud member of Helloworld Travel, Travel Connections  is able to bring clients access to exceptional deals,  savings and the most current information in the travel industry.